5 Ways to Make Your Dieta Detox 3 Dias Successful Even After You’re Done

Congratulations on completing your 3-day detox! As the Portuguese like to say “ParabĂ©ns por completar sua dieta detox 3 dias!” Now that it’s over, you want to maintain the fabulous results. Here are some tips on how you keep the weight off.

1.    Reintroduce food slowly

Maintain a healthy diet, and make sure you eat something green with every meal. Think leafy salads with roasted chicken. Keep your portions small. Eating kale or spinach will increase your pH levels and help fight off disease too.

2.    Fermented foods are actually good for you

Sauerkraut and kimchi are known for increasing the level of healthy bacteria in your stomach. They also reduce bloating. Adding these to your diet is a great idea.

dieta detox 3 dias

3.    Sweat it all out

Exercise is going to help you keep the weight off, and make it continue to fall away. Get out there and sweat. If you’re new to exercise, start with small goals. Run for a set amount of time, join a gym, get a friend to go with you. All those toxins will run out of your pores.

For perfect balance, do a high intensity activity like cycling or running. Follow it up with something low-key like yoga. You’ll see the results much faster this way.

4.    Keep the sugars at bay

After 3 days of no sugar, it’s only natural that your sweet tooth with crave satisfaction. Resist the urge to binge on your favorite chocolates. Try swapping out sugary foods with a healthy alternative.

Stevia is a naturally sweet plant extract that tastes exactly like sugar. It doesn’t have the nasty side effect of sending your insulin levels through the roof. Nor does it have the crash and burn effect of a sugar high.

5.    Limit your alcohol intake

Try and stay away from fatty alcohol with empty calories like beer. Opt for something heart healthy like red wine. Stick to one glass at night and you won’t be doing any more damage to your body. Studies have shown that red wine, in moderation, can be extremely good for adults. If you must drink liquor, go for vodka.