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How Can Anyone Take The Tour De France Critically Again?

It seems that we’re possessing a repeat of the Tour de France video games of chaos and controversy over the doping prices in opposition to Floyd Landis the brilliance and devoted American cyclist who won the Tour de France in 2006. It appears just yesterday the Tour de France officials were accusing Lance Armstrong one more American bicycle owner and seven-time winner of your Tour de France 2020 Live.

The Tour de France officials are expressing that Floyd Landis experienced too much testosterone in his entire body. Nevertheless the human body obviously produces testosterone and when a person is wounded as Floyd Landis was and is particularly managing their entire body at the best possible or higher than then their bodies are experienced to generate far more testosterone compared to the common person. It figures which the winner from the Tour de France would actually produce more testosterone compared to the losers such as French riders.

How can anyone go ahead and take Tour de France very seriously anymore? Past year the Tour de France coverage and tv stations, which covered the party manufactured plenty of additional dollars in the summer season months right after the Tour de France as a result of Lance Armstrong doping controversy and fake prices.

How do we know the Tour de France officials who definitely have missing their ratings and upset the tv stations will not be accomplishing a repeat of costs just to help keep the scores up and keep the Tour de France alive? I might guess that that there is additional to this than satisfies the eye which Floyd Landis did very little mistaken though the French are so humiliated which they can’t acquire their unique bicycle race for 8 yrs in a very row.

The actual dilemma is all those minimal mounds in France that they phone mountains as well as the entire class for that matter is just not difficult plenty of for American riders who’re the ideal inside the entire world. That is why we must go the Tour de France on the U . s . of America so we are able to make the system more time and much more challenging. That is a good factor to try and do for the American riders, who cares in case the French can compete?