Using Graphic And Detailed Icons To Lift Up Others

As a client visiting your service orientator’s fine office or business premises, you may have been overawed or impressed at times. While waiting in the well-appointed reception area to meet your business manager per appointment or leaving the area on your way to the lift lobby, you may have even felt inspired. It helped you for your meeting. You could approach it with more gusto and confidence. You left the business’s building feeling that all objectives going forward could be achieved in sweeping fashion.

Waiting or leaving, what caught your eye and what inspired you and lifted you up for the rest of the business day were a couple of rather imposing or picaresque icons, carefully mounted to the wall. Instead of being bombarded with industry awards, you were given food for thought. You could think for a short while about what these great icons achieved on behalf of humanity. You have an office or business premises of your own.

You too, have a well-appointed reception area. And you too, could utilize graphic designers and retailers like ikonick to drive home your own message. You too could be well placed to inspire and lift up others. And if you have a workspace beyond your reception area, you could mount a couple of icons on the office walls to keep your staff thoughtful and always on their toes. You should have at least one icon displayed within the confines of your own office space.

This is where you get to showcase to your clients something of yourself. You can browse the graphic designer or retailer’s online catalogues and find something that resonates with your own impressions about life and business, or something that is close to philosophies that you live by. An iconic display does not necessarily have to be a post-modern portrait of someone famous. It could just as easily be something from nature or a symbol from the industrious concrete jungle that we are all forced to survive within.


If nothing catches your eye straight away, you could just as easily get your graphic designer to come up with something that closely resembles you as a person, an entrepreneur, a leader, a teacher, a humanist or a loving father or mother. The choice is always yours. As to the cost, art that inspires or motivates is always priceless.